Arizona Panoramas

My family recently moved from the heart of Chicago to the Tramonto community in north Phoenix and are loving our new southwestern lifestyle. The transition from city-scapes to mountain-scapes has been amazing, and living in such close proximity to so much natural beauty and epic hiking trails has been inspiring to say the least. So far we’ve already hiked several of the top rated trails in Phoenix, Sedona, Prescott, and Flagstaff… and just, WOW.

I quickly learned that the overwhelming sense of awe experienced while standing atop a mountain or gazing across an expansive lava flow is impossible to capture with mere snapshots. So I instead I started taking panoramic photos. And since sharing them online or onscreen still does very little justice to the glorious grandeur of these locations, I started making canvas prints. BIG ones.

So here is the first release of an upcoming series of large scale canvas prints of familiar Arizona panoramic landscapes. Each location will be selected as either a familiar view of a popular destination, or a unique perspective of a familiar neighborhood where you or someone you know lives or grew up. Either way, these gallery-quality 8K+ framed prints are destined to make a signature statement in your home, office or place of business.

A few weeks ago I hiked the Tramonto Peak trail which is within a bike ride of our new home. We can see the peaks from our back yard, and they’re a familiar backdrop for many residents of the area. I’d always wondered if you could actually see a man standing on top from our vantage point. Once I reached the peak, I literally stood there for over 30 minutes just soaking in the spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and the fascinating expanse of my entire Tramonto community below. After a few minutes of orientation, I could spot my kids’ school, Carefree Highway, I-17, the wash, Cloud Drive, the preserve, and even my house in the distance. And yes, I called my wife at home and she confirmed that yes, she could see me standing on top of the peak!